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Art can calm the kids down

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 17, 2016 at 6:30 AM

Kids driving you mad? Are they claiming they’re bored? Over excited? Well, we have a solution: art. Well, more specifically, colouring in.

Despite the adult colouring in that seems to be sweeping the nation, kids absolutely love it too. And rather than buying a colouring in book, firstly ask them: what or who would they like to colour in? A character from Star Wars? Frozen? Harry Potter? Then simply google ‘Star Wars colouring in sheets’, for example, and then print it off. Dig out the colouring pens, pop on some nice, soothing music and hey presto, I can almost guarantee they will be completely transfixed and occupied for ages.

And relax….

Getting Stuff Done

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 10, 2016 at 11:05 AM

The nights are drawing in, Halloween and Fireworks night have been and gone, Christmas is (nearly) on its way and the desire for the kids to play outside wanes due to the dramatic drop in temperature. So, what is there to keep the kids happy that isn’t just plonking them in front of the TV, but also gives you some precious time to do stuff around the house?

As our lives as parents gets increasingly more busy, so too does the need to find those precious moments to get domestic chores done- and try our very best to relax. So why not combine the two domestic dilemmas, as it were, together and kill two birds with one stone?

But how, I hear you ask?

Well, get the kids to help you of course. The reward? Pocket money. Not only does this help you get the chores done, it also fills their time, allows them to learn some basic ‘home economics’ that they can use for the rest of their lives, but also helps them learn the true value of money. You see, as you know, you really appreciate money when you’ve earned it, don’t you? Draw up a chart, delegate the tasks (don’t make them too tricky at first) and hopefully, you’ll be spending a bit more time on the sofa with a cuppa flicking through a magazine… Well, we can but hope, can’t we?

What ever happened to Penny For The Guy?

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 3, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Remember getting something to act as stuffing, some of your Dad’s old clothing, a few marker pens and, da daaa, you had a Guy Fawkes effigy? Then you’d hang out with your friends outside your house or on the high street and shout ‘penny for the guy!’ You’d often get a few pence or, sometimes, a pound! Then, on the nearest Saturday night to Guy Fawkes Night (November 5th) you’d wrap up, grab a bag of sparklers, head to the nearest fireworks display and hurl your effigy on to a huge bonfire. The heat from the bonfire, the detail and effort put in to all the effigies, the sounds of the crowd reacting- it’s all a wonderful memory for me.

Now, sadly, with children spending less and less time playing outside, political correctness ( Penny For The Guy constituted begging apparently?) and our health and safety culture, most of the above remains banished to the past. Yes, we still have firework nights, but a lot of them aren’t funded by the local council anymore so you have to buy a ticket to go. And where are all the bonfires? Such a shame.

Anyway, whatever you end up doing this weekend, have fun and stay safe.

Top 5 Ideas For Kids Costumes On a Shoestring Budget

Posted by Danny Nutt on October 18, 2016 at 10:25 AM

We often get asked by clients if we provide costumes and props for the kids at our parties. Unfortunately not. However, we usually suggest that if they put the theme on the invitation and that ‘fancy dress is optionable’, then a lot of kids these days will have some kind of costume in their dressing up box that will fit the blll.

But what if they don’t have a costume that would fit the right theme and money is an issue?

Well, help is at hand. Here is our Top 5 ideas for kids’ costumes on a shoestring budget...

1) Pirates. Make a bandana out of curtain lining fabric from your local fabric store. Cut it to size and draw on some skull and crossbones. Also, buy a stripey t shirt from H&M or Primark for only a few pounds, dig out some stripey socks and get your child to roll up his or her jeens to their knees and hazarr, you have a pirate costume.

2) Super heroes- You can buy generic super hero cloaks from various online retailers for literally a few pounds. Also, dig out your child’s wellies and some tight trousers or leggings, tuck them in to the wellies and make a mask from cardboard and string with some glittery pens.

3) Spy- Really easy this one: dark glasses, white shirt, black trousers, trilby hat (from dad’s collection?) and a tie (also from dad)

4) Princess- white dress, some of mum’s jewellery (not her expensive stuff!) and a tiara, again really cheap online

5) Star Wars- for a Jedi, a brown dressing gown and a homemade light saber made from a poster tube coloured in will do very nicely!

Good luck with your creations :) 

A world of possibilities

Posted by Danny Nutt on October 12, 2016 at 9:25 AM

Being a dad and owner of a children’s parties company is like a marriage made in heaven. When I have an idea for a new theme, party type or character, the first people I go to for feedback are my kids. And seeing as they are still within the right demographic for our parties (6 and 9), why wouldn’t I?

Also, seeing them grow, watching them learn, discover and explore a world of possibilities is also plenty of inspiration for developing what we do here at Nutty’s. And imagination, that’s the key. Knowing that if you can stretch your imagination to its fullest, anything is possible.

What will happen when they morph in to teenagers? Well, hopefully I will have figured everything out parties-wise by then! So I think I’ll enjoy it while it lasts…

Autumn is here

Posted by Danny Nutt on October 5, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Isn't this time of year stunning? The leaves are changing colour and falling; conkers can be found, the heating goes on in the evenings, stews are being cooked, soups being stirred and some of the seasonal vegetables on offer are deliciuos. And when the sun comes out too? Even more stunning.

I'm not sure why people bemoan the end of summer and the transition to this season. It's a time for reflection, change, and above all, some breathtaking beauty in nature.

I love autumn, it's my favourite season. Sure, we'll all miss the fact we may well perform less parties outside as a result, but still, it's a wonderful time of year and I'm going to make sure I enjoy it.

Cup of hot tea by the fire anyone?