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New promo Video Coming soon...

Posted by Danny Nutt on January 18, 2017 at 6:40 AM

We often get asked by potential clients if we have any videos of us in action. As you all know, we certainly do. We have a promo video focusing on our Advenure Parties, for example, a dedicated Videos page with clips of us at various parties and a dedicated You Tube channel. But we could always do with more. Unfortunately, we have to rely on clients to send us footage and this often needs to be cleared by other parents. Or, like with our existing promo video, we make our own.




With that in mind , we are thrilled to announce that we’ll be shooting a Nutty’s Disco party on 28th January to help give clients a real feel about how these work- all the fun, games, dance moves, flashy lights, bopping kids and how much of a blast it is. We can’t wait to film it and to show you the final product!




Watch this space…

Kids love to laugh

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 30, 2016 at 9:40 AM

What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea!... Get it? Well, perhaps not a great example of how to make kids laugh, but still, a joke is a joke and kids love jokes. Moreover, kids love to laugh.

Here at Nutty’s, we always throw lots of fun and humour in to the mix to get the kids howling and, whatever the story or character for any of our Adventure Parties, for example, we always make sure there’s some silliness involved too. Whether it’s Pirate Dan whacking his thigh a bit too aggressively and hurting himself in the process or even one of our DJ’s doing silly voices on the mic at one of our Discos- allowing the kids a chance to laugh at an adult is one of the many simple pleasures of being a small person.

And sometimes, we hope this extends to the parents too. Sometimes we can see at parties that adults have yet to become completely relaxed and shake off the stress of another working week. So cracking a joke that gets them going too adds to the overall sense of fun, we feel.

So next time you’re with the kids, whatever you’re doing, do something silly and try and make them laugh. It’s good for them. And it could be good for you too.

The Perfect Client

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 23, 2016 at 7:50 AM

Running a children’s party company is pretty full on at the best of times. Dealing with enquries, securing entertainers for jobs, chasing deposits, speaking to clients on the phone, sending job details to the team, rehearsals, social media posts, booking advertising, the list goes on….

But what would make it that little bit easier for us I hear you ask? Well, the answer is- specifics. From us? No, from you, our lovely clients… Now, don’t get me wrong, we fully appreciate how busy parents are. Often getting back to us on email about deciding what or when to book a party with us isn’t at the top of their list of priorities, granted. We also understand how fickle kids can be in deciding on what they want. But when we get emails saying something along the lines of: ‘hello, what kind of entertainment do you offer?’ this is when the process of confirming a booking can take a lot longer…

So, how can you be the perfect client? Well, firstly, if you don’t know about us, the best place to start is at our web site. There you’ll find lots of info about what we do, pictures, videos, testimonials, prices and most importantly, the specific party types and themes we offer. Then, have a chat with your child, see what he or she wants and then call us or email us. If you call us, we can get lots of info from you straight away. If you email us, be sure to tell us the following: the specific date and time, location, length of entertainment, who it’s for (boy/girl/age) and the party type/theme you’re interested in. This will make things run a lot smoother and quicker and we’ll be able to help you more efficiently.

Moreover, you’ll be the perfect client and you will deserve a big hearty pat on the back. Plus, we will be a hundred times happier.

Art can calm the kids down

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 17, 2016 at 6:30 AM

Kids driving you mad? Are they claiming they’re bored? Over excited? Well, we have a solution: art. Well, more specifically, colouring in.

Despite the adult colouring in that seems to be sweeping the nation, kids absolutely love it too. And rather than buying a colouring in book, firstly ask them: what or who would they like to colour in? A character from Star Wars? Frozen? Harry Potter? Then simply google ‘Star Wars colouring in sheets’, for example, and then print it off. Dig out the colouring pens, pop on some nice, soothing music and hey presto, I can almost guarantee they will be completely transfixed and occupied for ages.

And relax….

Getting Stuff Done

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 10, 2016 at 11:05 AM

The nights are drawing in, Halloween and Fireworks night have been and gone, Christmas is (nearly) on its way and the desire for the kids to play outside wanes due to the dramatic drop in temperature. So, what is there to keep the kids happy that isn’t just plonking them in front of the TV, but also gives you some precious time to do stuff around the house?

As our lives as parents gets increasingly more busy, so too does the need to find those precious moments to get domestic chores done- and try our very best to relax. So why not combine the two domestic dilemmas, as it were, together and kill two birds with one stone?

But how, I hear you ask?

Well, get the kids to help you of course. The reward? Pocket money. Not only does this help you get the chores done, it also fills their time, allows them to learn some basic ‘home economics’ that they can use for the rest of their lives, but also helps them learn the true value of money. You see, as you know, you really appreciate money when you’ve earned it, don’t you? Draw up a chart, delegate the tasks (don’t make them too tricky at first) and hopefully, you’ll be spending a bit more time on the sofa with a cuppa flicking through a magazine… Well, we can but hope, can’t we?

What ever happened to Penny For The Guy?

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 3, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Remember getting something to act as stuffing, some of your Dad’s old clothing, a few marker pens and, da daaa, you had a Guy Fawkes effigy? Then you’d hang out with your friends outside your house or on the high street and shout ‘penny for the guy!’ You’d often get a few pence or, sometimes, a pound! Then, on the nearest Saturday night to Guy Fawkes Night (November 5th) you’d wrap up, grab a bag of sparklers, head to the nearest fireworks display and hurl your effigy on to a huge bonfire. The heat from the bonfire, the detail and effort put in to all the effigies, the sounds of the crowd reacting- it’s all a wonderful memory for me.

Now, sadly, with children spending less and less time playing outside, political correctness ( Penny For The Guy constituted begging apparently?) and our health and safety culture, most of the above remains banished to the past. Yes, we still have firework nights, but a lot of them aren’t funded by the local council anymore so you have to buy a ticket to go. And where are all the bonfires? Such a shame.

Anyway, whatever you end up doing this weekend, have fun and stay safe.