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Living in the moment

Posted by Danny Nutt on June 7, 2017 at 11:30 AM

As most of you are  aware, all of our parties are carefully scripted to give our actor-entertainers a solid structure to work with. And through our Nutty's rehearsal process, it helps give the performance lightness and shade, a sense of journey within the story and, above all else, lots of differnet activties to keep the kids constantly involved and engaged,

But what happens on the day? How much of the script do we actually stick to? And how much is improvised? Well as any live performer willl tell you, every performance is unique. But unlike a play, for example, where every line has to be delivered accurately each night to give the story the justice it deserves, we rely on the kids and what they bring on the day (imaginitively speaking) to help deliver that unque party.

For example, on a recent two hander 'Super Dans' Adventure Party with me and Jack (Vine) there was a boy who had a T Rex T shirt. As soon as I saw him during the meet and great session at the beginning of the party, I pointed at it in mock horror and shouted to Jack 'Oh my godness Super Dan 2- there is an actual T Rex on that boy's t shirt- argghhh'!!! Jack then played along and every so often throughout the party we drew attention to it. It garnered lots of laughter and enjoyment from the kids and brought an extra element to the party. And when the kids notice we've done something fresh and new for them, they know we are living in the moment and making their special day unique for them. 

How does this make us feel? It feels great. If we can give that little bit extra for the kids and they appreciate it, it makes it all worth while...

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