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Life after a Nutty's party

Posted by Danny Nutt on June 7, 2018 at 7:35 AM

Has your child recently been to a Nutty’s party? Have they come home raving about it? Has it captured their imagination so much, they keep talking about how Pirate Dan kept losing his map? Or how Fairy Sophie’s magic dust was so sparkly? Or how Danijel The Space Warrior took them to outer space and beyond?

Well, firstly, that’s brilliant for us. We love hearing about how much kids enjoy our parties.

But why not keep their enthusiasm going for stretching their imagination and physical abilities with our handy top 5 tips of how to ‘keep your child in a Nutty’s world’?

1. Make up a story with lots of vivid, exciting and funny characters. Let them act out bits and live in every moment.

2. Make a treasure map, hide some sweets and go off in search of the treasure together

3. Play some classic party games, like musical statues or duck duck goose. Get other family members involved

4. Sing some songs together

5. Do a mini work out: star jumps, sit ups and press ups

We hope you enjoy these activities as much as they do!

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