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Posted by Danny Nutt on September 18, 2018 at 10:45 AM

Sometimes, when we have a children's party enquiry, we get asked if we charge less for a smaller number of children. The answer of course. is no.

Why? Well the reason why peple ask is they think that it's easier to entertain less children. Wrong! Sometimes, it can be a lot harder...If you have only 10 kids at a party and 2 of them are disruptve or hard to engage, this can affect the rest of the group so much more. If you have a group of 30 and say 4 or 5 are hard to engage, you have the bulk of the group workng and they become the strong majority.

I recently ran a party for only 7 chidren and one of them was very sweet, but he was easily distracted and, how shall we say.... was a bit physical with the others! So I had to spend a lot more more time with him as he duly distracted the rest of the group (he ended up being a master map reader, so the perseverance paid off!). So in the end, it became as hard work as a party of 30 kids...

So now you know: kids parties are always challenging- whatever the numbers. 

What happens behind the scenes?

Posted by Danny Nutt on July 18, 2018 at 10:45 AM

Often when I perosnally run parties, clients ask 'so as you work at weekends, you have a pretty easy week, right?'

Er, nope! What people don't quite realise is the amount of work that goes on every day to run a busy children's party company to help us get so many party bookings.

Firstly, there's the marketing side: checking our Google Adwords account is up to date, sharing testimonials and updating the web site, regular posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and placing ads in local magazines.

Then there's the day to day admin- taking enquiries/bookings on email and on the phone, confirming bookings, chasing clients for deposits and all the party info, sending party details to the team, arranging and running rehesarals (all of my team rehearse any new party theme they haven't done before), buying props, etc etc.

There's also all of the above that's applied to our regular holiday camps we run and then there's the personal preperation for each party I run: going over the script, making sure I have all the right costumes and props ready, going over any requests for discos, working out how I can get from one job to another, adapting to different party spaces etc etc.

So there you go, not such a quiet working week at all! 

Life after a Nutty's party

Posted by Danny Nutt on June 7, 2018 at 7:35 AM

Has your child recently been to a Nutty’s party? Have they come home raving about it? Has it captured their imagination so much, they keep talking about how Pirate Dan kept losing his map? Or how Fairy Sophie’s magic dust was so sparkly? Or how Danijel The Space Warrior took them to outer space and beyond?

Well, firstly, that’s brilliant for us. We love hearing about how much kids enjoy our parties.

But why not keep their enthusiasm going for stretching their imagination and physical abilities with our handy top 5 tips of how to ‘keep your child in a Nutty’s world’?

1. Make up a story with lots of vivid, exciting and funny characters. Let them act out bits and live in every moment.

2. Make a treasure map, hide some sweets and go off in search of the treasure together

3. Play some classic party games, like musical statues or duck duck goose. Get other family members involved

4. Sing some songs together

5. Do a mini work out: star jumps, sit ups and press ups

We hope you enjoy these activities as much as they do!

We need to talk about slime

Posted by Danny Nutt on April 26, 2018 at 11:15 AM

It's been around two months since our last blog. And although we love talking about news and stories regarding Nutty's, we also like to talk about other things to do with kids. Like slime.

Last year's big kids fad was the fidget spinner. Available in every newsagent and pound shop, kids went mad for these palm sized mini gadgets. Their purpose was pretty simple: to spin around. Quite what the kids actually got out of it still baffles me, although it's better than staring at an iPad all day I guess?

This year marks the dawn of a new fad: slime. So many kids are in to it, including my 8 year old daughter, Lola. It's not just about the playing with it (which can be bought pre-made), it's deeper than that. It's the making of it. Buying lots of ingredients, including: pva glue, shaving foam, washing up liquid and laundry detergent. Luckily, we have lots of these items already. Unluckily, it means I've suddenly ran out of shaving foam when I'm in need of a shave. Worse than that is the mess and the smell. I came out of my office at home in to the kitchen recently to make a much needed coffee, only to be hit in the face by a pungeant aroma of what seemed like sick and bio all in one. And if any of it lands on the carpet, it will remain there for days...

But despite all the annoying aspects to slime, there are some positives. It can litterally keep Lola entertained for hours. It helps her be creative and, weirldy, keeps her calm.

So I say, don't resist if your child wants to be a 'silme kid.' Just make sure you have some incense burning to mask the smell and some serioucly good carpet cleaner on hand when the inevitable spillages occur...

Another great holiday camp

Posted by Danny Nutt on February 21, 2018 at 11:10 AM

Last week we had the pleasure again of running a three day Half Term Sports and Drama Camp with Moving Matters at Julian's Primary School in Streatham. 

It went very well. And it was so lovely to see some of the regular kids back for more. Moreover, seeing them improve their sports and drama skills.

Sport and drama both require one very important human ingredient: confidance. And sometimes all we have to do as teachers and facilitators is to encourage them, make the activities fun and hopefully, their confidance will soar. As we found last week.

All in all, it's wonderful to be running such a rewarding holiday camp for the kids. Rewarding for them as they develop so much and learn and rewarding for us seeing how useful these skills will be for their future years...

Time flies

Posted by Danny Nutt on January 25, 2018 at 12:00 AM

It's been a while since our last blog. Apologies. I guess we've been busy... Christmas came and went, then New Year and before we know it, it's nearly February!

Time really does fly by, doesn't it? And here at Nutty's Towers one thing we notice, and love, is seeing how kids who have repeat parties with us (but often different themes of course) have grown up so much over the years! One regular client recently sent in a video of their first party with us and my, her two boys have grown up so much since!

I guess when time does feel like it's moving too fast, we have to hold on and treasure the present moment. Take a deep breath, relax when we can, appreciate our surroundings and spend quality time with our loved ones. It really does make a difference. If only for a short while.

Here's hoping the next few months don't fly by too quickly again!