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Posted by Danny Nutt on March 27, 2019 at 10:40 AM

People love stories, don’t we? Whether it’s from a colleague relaying a situation with a tricky client, a family member recalling an embarrassing episode as a child for your amusement, or a novel. Stories can excite, inform, educate and enlighten us.

But what makes a really good story? Well this is difficult to answer in a few words and is a fairly subjective area. But for me, it has to have a strong leading character that is heroic, attractive, but also has flaws; an exciting plot; a moment when everything could go terribly wrong; a nasty character and a positive conclusion.

Here at Nutty’s, we pride ourselves on stories. It’s what drives our Adventure Parties. It’s the beating heart, the motor that carries our entertainers along and the hook that keeps the kids in the palm of our hands. And seeing the little faces engrossed and hanging on our every word really fills us with joy and pride. Ultimately, stories are a shared experience, especially at our parties. We ask the kids questions within the storytelling sections and invite volunteers to act bits out. And in real life, when we’re sharing stories with our family and friends over the dinner table, seeing and hearing their reactions help us to make sense of our own stories. We may think we have behaved in a certain way when we relay our tale, but the listener’s reaction may make us re-evaluate. So it’s as much about learning about yourself as it is learning from a story- even with fictional stories. How we react to a character’s actions may make us question how we would deal with a similar situation in real life.

We have so much to gain from stories. We as humans have been telling them for thousands of years. And now more than ever, in the age of screens at our fingertips, it’s so important to keep telling our kids stories and encouraging them to read more. It’s also invaluable to inspire them to write their own stories, to put their imaginations to good use and to entertain us too. They’ll enjoy seeing our reactions as much as we do the other way around! So keep telling stories, keep reading them and keep championing them. They’ll never go away and we will always have several new stories tell from our many experiences, throughout our lives.

The Great Outdoors

Posted by Danny Nutt on March 22, 2019 at 9:20 AM

What a long and turbulent winter we’ve had! And what with the short days and low temperatures, it’s no wonder we’ve spent so much of the last few months indoors with our children.

But now the days are getting longer, the winter coats are making less of an appearance and the temperatures across the UK are in double figures, it’s definitely more tempting to get outdoors and appreciate nature.

For those of us who live in London, for example, this basically means venturing out to the local park. And if you’re lucky enough to live close to what I would call the ‘wild parks’ where it really does fell like you’re suddenly in the countryside (for example, Hampstead Heath, Putney Heath, Streatham Common etc.) then you really are in for a treat.

Streatham Common, where I live close to, is a wonderful park that has an enclosed woods, great views of Surrey and the big highlight is the haven that is The Rookery. It contains a sun dial, wishing well, ponds with gold fish, exotic plants and beautiful flowers. I love taking my wife and kids there to clear our heads sometimes- away from the daily grind in the big city.

Also, getting further afield to the seaside or the proper countryside for us Londoners isn’t as tricky as you might think. From South London you can get to some wonderful spots in Surrey in around an hour in the car, or an hour and a half to Brighton. If you live in East London you can get to Whitstable and enjoy some Oysters in less than hour.

During these stressful, hard-working times we’re in where so much of what we do is governed by our phones and screens, getting outdoors really is a wonderful way to let off steam and allow our kids to roam free.

So get outdoors and enjoy nature! t’s really not that far away. And even if it’s raining, pack the wellies and the waterproofs- the kids will love jumping in muddy puddles!

If music be the food of love, play on.

Posted by Danny Nutt on March 13, 2019 at 1:10 PM

Isn’t it amazing how powerful music can be? It can change our mood dramatically, it can soothe, excite, annoy and comfort us. It can also transport us to another time, a significant memory all the way back to our childhood.

Personally, as I am also a DJ, I take music very seriously. I listen to all kinds of music at any given opportunity, read about it, search for it, think and talk about it. I listen to it at the breakfast table with the kids, on the tube, even when I’m in the bath I have something on in the background.

I also believe there is only really two kinds of music- good music and bad music. Whether it’s hip-hop, funk, disco, house, reggae, even classical music, there is so much discover- and so much to avoid.

And it’s always a joy to see my kids getting in to artists and bands that I love, with a little help from me of course: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, David Bowie, Gil Scott-Heron, Aretha Franklin, Paul Weller, Stevie Wonder, the list goes on…

So the next time you want to really get in to one of your favourite bands, make sure your kids are around to listen in. Tell them an interesting fact about the album, show them the record sleeve or CD cover (if you don’t own vinyl or CD’s then you’re not REALLY in to music in my view!) and allow them to see how much they can appreciate the artwork and the hard work behind the creation.

Music really is a wonderful, rich and varied art form. So let’s celebrate it!

Time management

Posted by Danny Nutt on March 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Ever get the feeling you have too much to do in too short a space of time?

In this crazy, busy, modern world this is pretty much the issue with a lot of poeple- espeically adults- but also kids. As parents, we have to go to work, cook dinner for our children, do the school drop offs and pick ups, take them to their various after school clubs, put them to bed, do the vast amounts of washing and then, somehow, try and find time for ourselves to relax!

Kids are getting a lot busier these days too with increasing amounts of homework, more hobbies, more things to do!

So how can we cope with time management? How can stay on top of our growing list of things to do without tearing our hair out? 

There is no simple answer to this. But one thing we can all do is be organised and realistic. Sometimes, I wake up and dread the fact I have such a busy day ahead and then I berate myself for not getting it all done at the end of it. But then I remind myself: 'I can't do everything' so I take some of those things off my list and add to the next day's list.

Another thing that's really worth doing, espeically as a parent, is to get up a bit earlier and crack through some chores whilst the kids are asleep. That really helps.

Ultimately, don't beat yourself up about it. You and your kids, I'm sure, are doing the best you can. Take a step back, breathe and, well, keep going. And remember to smile and enjoy yourself too. Life is too short for stress! 

Getting away

Posted by Danny Nutt on February 21, 2019 at 12:50 AM

When you’re running a busy children’s party company, life can be hectic. Dealing with enquiries, sending job details to the team of entertainers, keeping up on social media, chasing deposits from clients, the list goes on…

And when you live in London AND have kids, well, that just adds a whole new level of craziness to the mix!

So sometimes, like now during half term, you just have to getaway from it all. Whether it’s down the M23 to Brighton (which is what I’m doing with my

As long as there is some open space, fresh air (sea air ideally), less traffic and a slowing of pace, then you can really relax.

It’s a time to unwind, reflect, breathe and take it easy.

So if you’re not yet planning on getting away, do try and do it. Even if it’s a day trip to the countryside. Trust me, it will be well worth it.

Top 5 things to do in London this half term

Posted by Danny Nutt on February 13, 2019 at 6:50 AM

Can you believe it's nearly half term again? For some of you, you're already there. It only felt like yesterday we were just getting over the festive period...

Have you made any plans with your children?

As parents, whether you're a mum or dad, life is always busy. Dealing with the kids' activities, after school clubs, their own birthday parties, booking a children's entertainer, work, paying the bills, food shopping, the list goes on.

But fear not, I've researched some great ideas for you and the famliy, that won't cost over the odds... 

1) Peppa Pig's First Concert at the Southbank Centre from 15th-17th February. Everyone’s favourite Pig family leads a fun, interactive introduction to live orchestra for the whole family, from 18 months upwards. For more info visit-

2) Lego Movie 2. This promises to be lots of fun. Just like the first offering, expect whacky animation, super funny dialogue and a moody Batman. On general realease in cinemas now.

3) Spring Rainbows – Unicorn Theatre, FREE entry (Ages 5+) 147 Tooley St, Southwark SE1 2HZ / 020 7645 0560/ Nearest tube: London Bridge, Saturday 16th February, noon-2pm.  Take part in this drop-in craft activity and help create your own crazy rainbow to mesmerise your pals.

4) Go to one of the many free museums in London. For more info visit-

5) Make something. Grab some card, glue, glitter, paint, newspaper (for spillages) and let your creative juices flow! Make a birthday card, do a painting of something at home (your fruit bowl maybe?) and put it somwhere that all your vistitors will see and admire your fabulous piece of art.

We do hope you like my suggestions and have a wonderful break with your families.