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The End of Summer

Posted by Danny Nutt on August 31, 2017 at 12:00 AM

The nights are drawing in, the rain is lashing down and most familes have come home from their annual holiday. It can only mean one thing; the end of summer is upon us.

Some people really lament about this and dread the impending autumn. But I personally love autumn. Especially in this country. I mean, most of the summer is spent with us all moaning it's too cold, too wet, too hot. But when the leaves start falling off the trees and the warm clothes come out of the attic, we are prepared for all strands of meteorology and so I feel we should, therefore, focus on the good things that come out of autumn: spicy homemade stews, mugs of steaming tea by the fire, beautiful colours in the trees, seasonal friuts and veggies and brillliant drama on TV. The list goes on...

It's also a real time of change. Kids going back to or starting school (hallelujah I hear some of you cry!) and new work and personal goals, for example.

So don't worry, be happy. The end of summer isn't so bad after all...

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