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Time management

Posted by Danny Nutt on March 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Ever get the feeling you have too much to do in too short a space of time?

In this crazy, busy, modern world this is pretty much the issue with a lot of poeple- espeically adults- but also kids. As parents, we have to go to work, cook dinner for our children, do the school drop offs and pick ups, take them to their various after school clubs, put them to bed, do the vast amounts of washing and then, somehow, try and find time for ourselves to relax!

Kids are getting a lot busier these days too with increasing amounts of homework, more hobbies, more things to do!

So how can we cope with time management? How can stay on top of our growing list of things to do without tearing our hair out? 

There is no simple answer to this. But one thing we can all do is be organised and realistic. Sometimes, I wake up and dread the fact I have such a busy day ahead and then I berate myself for not getting it all done at the end of it. But then I remind myself: 'I can't do everything' so I take some of those things off my list and add to the next day's list.

Another thing that's really worth doing, espeically as a parent, is to get up a bit earlier and crack through some chores whilst the kids are asleep. That really helps.

Ultimately, don't beat yourself up about it. You and your kids, I'm sure, are doing the best you can. Take a step back, breathe and, well, keep going. And remember to smile and enjoy yourself too. Life is too short for stress! 

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