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The Great Outdoors

Posted by Danny Nutt on March 22, 2019 at 9:20 AM

What a long and turbulent winter we’ve had! And what with the short days and low temperatures, it’s no wonder we’ve spent so much of the last few months indoors with our children.

But now the days are getting longer, the winter coats are making less of an appearance and the temperatures across the UK are in double figures, it’s definitely more tempting to get outdoors and appreciate nature.

For those of us who live in London, for example, this basically means venturing out to the local park. And if you’re lucky enough to live close to what I would call the ‘wild parks’ where it really does fell like you’re suddenly in the countryside (for example, Hampstead Heath, Putney Heath, Streatham Common etc.) then you really are in for a treat.

Streatham Common, where I live close to, is a wonderful park that has an enclosed woods, great views of Surrey and the big highlight is the haven that is The Rookery. It contains a sun dial, wishing well, ponds with gold fish, exotic plants and beautiful flowers. I love taking my wife and kids there to clear our heads sometimes- away from the daily grind in the big city.

Also, getting further afield to the seaside or the proper countryside for us Londoners isn’t as tricky as you might think. From South London you can get to some wonderful spots in Surrey in around an hour in the car, or an hour and a half to Brighton. If you live in East London you can get to Whitstable and enjoy some Oysters in less than hour.

During these stressful, hard-working times we’re in where so much of what we do is governed by our phones and screens, getting outdoors really is a wonderful way to let off steam and allow our kids to roam free.

So get outdoors and enjoy nature! t’s really not that far away. And even if it’s raining, pack the wellies and the waterproofs- the kids will love jumping in muddy puddles!

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