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Posted by Danny Nutt on March 27, 2019 at 10:40 AM

People love stories, don’t we? Whether it’s from a colleague relaying a situation with a tricky client, a family member recalling an embarrassing episode as a child for your amusement, or a novel. Stories can excite, inform, educate and enlighten us.

But what makes a really good story? Well this is difficult to answer in a few words and is a fairly subjective area. But for me, it has to have a strong leading character that is heroic, attractive, but also has flaws; an exciting plot; a moment when everything could go terribly wrong; a nasty character and a positive conclusion.

Here at Nutty’s, we pride ourselves on stories. It’s what drives our Adventure Parties. It’s the beating heart, the motor that carries our entertainers along and the hook that keeps the kids in the palm of our hands. And seeing the little faces engrossed and hanging on our every word really fills us with joy and pride. Ultimately, stories are a shared experience, especially at our parties. We ask the kids questions within the storytelling sections and invite volunteers to act bits out. And in real life, when we’re sharing stories with our family and friends over the dinner table, seeing and hearing their reactions help us to make sense of our own stories. We may think we have behaved in a certain way when we relay our tale, but the listener’s reaction may make us re-evaluate. So it’s as much about learning about yourself as it is learning from a story- even with fictional stories. How we react to a character’s actions may make us question how we would deal with a similar situation in real life.

We have so much to gain from stories. We as humans have been telling them for thousands of years. And now more than ever, in the age of screens at our fingertips, it’s so important to keep telling our kids stories and encouraging them to read more. It’s also invaluable to inspire them to write their own stories, to put their imaginations to good use and to entertain us too. They’ll enjoy seeing our reactions as much as we do the other way around! So keep telling stories, keep reading them and keep championing them. They’ll never go away and we will always have several new stories tell from our many experiences, throughout our lives.

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