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Environmentally friendly parties

Posted by Danny Nutt on May 2, 2019 at 11:15 AM

There's been a lot of press coverage recently about Climate Change. This is now a real and present danger to the future of our planet and it's time for us all to do our bit so we can (literally) save our planet.

Recently, a client asked me which plastic and other products we use as she was conscious about plastic waste and wanted to teach her daughter to try and avoid plastic where possible. This is generally so difficult as so much that we consume generally include plastic! I reassured her that the main plastic we use are toy gold medals we give out as prizes for each birthday child. Apart from that, any paper etc we use at our Arts and Crafts parties, we always make the effort to recycle. We don't use balloons, we're fazing out glitter (also for the Arts and Crafts parties) and yes, we give out sweets that are wrapped in plastic film, but that's sadly the case with all sweets nowadays. And for hygiene purposes, this is better than individual, unwrapped sweets.

We're trying the best we can at the moment and we can certainly do more. But until the big companies start making their packaging recyclable and/or compostable, it's going to be tricky.

If you have any ideas on how else we can be more environmentally friendly, please do let us know! 

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