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Get outdoors- it's half term!

Posted by nuttyschildrensparties on May 30, 2019 at 11:20 AM

It feels like summer has arrived today and it's half term, hoorah! And despite the usual connotations with warm weather: getting your shorts on, BBQ's, sunbathing, etc. this is the perfect opportunity to get your kids away from the telly, thier tablets and PS4's and get them outdoors.

The other day I had a lovely time with my kids cycling. We went through two local parks, had a picnic, had fun in the playground, bought some bird feed and fed the ducks, then raced back home and felt great!

And it really doesn't have to cost you anything to get outdoors. Wherever you are there will either be a local park, playground or the countryside. 

Me and my family and friends also had a wonderful May Bank Holiday weekend camping in a forest in Dorset. When you spend longer than a few hours outdoors in that kind of environment, your inner clock slows down, the kids have so much freedom and you really get in tune with nature.

In an age where I see toddlers in their pushchairs glued to Peppa Pig on their mums' smartphones and people literaly wasting their free time on the tube mindleslley flicking through Instagram, getting outdoors is one the best antidodes to the modern, information based world. You'll feel calmer, more energised and believe me, happier.

We also love performing our parties outdoors and during one I ran last week in a beautful garden in Hertfordshire, I could see pure joy in the kids' faces as they felt so relaxed and free.

So what are you waiting for? Get off Facebook! Put your phone down and get outdoors, even for a walk! You'll feel so much better...

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