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Art is freedom

Posted by nuttyschildrensparties on June 11, 2019 at 10:35 AM

I've always believed that art is freedom. It has no boundaries, can be completely unique, it's aimed at everyone and it has its own language.

My daughter, Lola, who's 9, has recently really got in to painting. At home, she often just quietly gets out an old newspaper from the recycling bin, spreads it out on the dining table and just starts painting.

The other day, she painted lots of random sized shapes with different colours. I said to her, 'Wow that's great Lola, what's it meant to be? What's your thinking behind it?' and she replied 'I don't know Dad, is that OK?'. And I said, 'Of course! There are no rules with art, you just have to create something'.

And that's what's so brilliant about art, especially for kids. Their imaginations are so pure and raw, that sometimes the very act of creating without any specific, conscious thought, can have a profound effect.

In an age where children would much rather play on an iPad or watch Netflix, allowing kids to paint, draw or create something from an old loo roll gives them a platform to create. And whether they're intending to do this as a future career or not, it gives them a chance to express themselves, to let their imagination flex its muscles and for their creativity to shine.

I just wish I could paint as well she she can! 

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