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Environmentally friendly packed lunches

Posted by nuttyschildrensparties on June 25, 2019 at 10:45 AM

If, like with my kids, your children insist on having packed lunches every day at school, it can be a bit of an effort for many reasons. Firstly, you have to actually make it and that adds more busoness to your already busy schedule as a working parent. Also, it's hard to keep it varied sometimes apart from the usual sandwiches, crisps and fruit. AND, all that packaging can add even more environmentally un-friendly waste.

So, how do we make the kids packed lunches environmentally friendly? Well, here's our top 5 tips to help you!

1- Make your own bread. You can either use a bread maker or there are lots of simple recipes available where you can make bread by hand. We've been doing it for generations! Then there will be no carbon footprint and no packaging

2- Use plastic free packaging to wrap the sandwches in. There are now dozens of natural, re-usable alternatives to cling film and foil (both of which, crazily, can't be recycled). Just look online and you'll see lots to choose from.

3- Buy organic fruit and vegetables. Riverford, which we use, is a brilliant, affordable company that has 100% organic produce. It's totally free from chemicals and pesticides and in turn tastes better, doesn't harm the environment when being grown and is much more healthy for you. Plus most of its produce is grown in the UK, so has a minimal carbon footprint.

4- Make sure your kids keep all the food waste inciuding fruit peel. Most local councils now collect food waste for composting, so instead of your kids throwing their waste in the bin at school, ask them to bring it home for your compost bin! 

5- Make sure they have a non-plastic, re-usable water bottle instead of the plastic ones. This is for two reasons. 1- it's another way to avoid buying plastic and 2- the popular metal bottles on offer keeps the water cold and tastes so much better.

I hope you this all helps! 

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