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Summer Holiday Club

Posted by nuttyschildrensparties on July 9, 2019 at 11:00 AM

We're very much looking forward to our Summer Holiday Club during the last two weeks of the summer holidays in August.

That period of the year can be quite daunting for parents. Six weeks for state schools and eight weeks for private schools to fill! Once you factor in a holiday away, perhaps a few days with the grandparents and the odd play date, there will still be weeks to fill whilst us parents have to go to work! 

So why not book in with us?

In terms of what we'll be doing... We'll be welcoming in the kids from 8.30am onwards whilst we take registration and then the kids can hang out, listen to music, make new friends, play some board games, read or do some colouring in. Then we'll gather them all togethr once eveyrone has arrived at around 9.30am and run over some basic golden rules, followed by some super fun games. The most popular games we run are: Bulldog, Grandma's Footsteps, Keeper Of The Keys and Wink Murder. 

We'll then have a break for around 20 minutes whist the kids grab a drink, a snack, go to the toilet, run around outside and let some steam off. Then we'll have a drama session. We'll focus on a different aspect of drama each day: improvistion, devising, character building and more. Then we'll break for lunch.

Then, depending on the weather, we'll either have a fun water fight outside, a game of tag or take the kids up to the playground outside the West Norwood Leisure Centre and have a game of Stuck In The Mud, run a super energised obstacle course and perhaps gather them around and tell them a story which they can contribute to!

We'lll then aim to head back to base (St Lukes church hall) and have a rest, a drink of water and a snack and then do some relaxed activities like some arts and crafts and some less energetic games and then before you know it, it will be home time!

For more info ir if you wish to book, please go here-" target="_blank">http://

We look forwward to seeing your little ones there! 

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