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The Perfect Client

Posted by Danny Nutt on November 23, 2016 at 7:50 AM

Running a children’s party company is pretty full on at the best of times. Dealing with enquries, securing entertainers for jobs, chasing deposits, speaking to clients on the phone, sending job details to the team, rehearsals, social media posts, booking advertising, the list goes on….

But what would make it that little bit easier for us I hear you ask? Well, the answer is- specifics. From us? No, from you, our lovely clients… Now, don’t get me wrong, we fully appreciate how busy parents are. Often getting back to us on email about deciding what or when to book a party with us isn’t at the top of their list of priorities, granted. We also understand how fickle kids can be in deciding on what they want. But when we get emails saying something along the lines of: ‘hello, what kind of entertainment do you offer?’ this is when the process of confirming a booking can take a lot longer…

So, how can you be the perfect client? Well, firstly, if you don’t know about us, the best place to start is at our web site. There you’ll find lots of info about what we do, pictures, videos, testimonials, prices and most importantly, the specific party types and themes we offer. Then, have a chat with your child, see what he or she wants and then call us or email us. If you call us, we can get lots of info from you straight away. If you email us, be sure to tell us the following: the specific date and time, location, length of entertainment, who it’s for (boy/girl/age) and the party type/theme you’re interested in. This will make things run a lot smoother and quicker and we’ll be able to help you more efficiently.

Moreover, you’ll be the perfect client and you will deserve a big hearty pat on the back. Plus, we will be a hundred times happier.

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