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What makes us choose and create new themes?

Posted by nuttyschildrensparties on February 11, 2020 at 10:05 AM

Here at Nutty's, we have a huge selection of party types and Adventure Party themes on offer for kids with varying tastes and likes: Explorer Dan, Pirate Dan, Danijel The Space Warrior (for Star Wars fans), The Princess Adventure, The Witches Challange and lots more.

But what makes us choose and create a new theme?

Our most recent addition, Ninja Danka, has mainly been inspired by demand. Since Lego Ninjago has come on the scene, it seems kids just love the idea of masked spy warriors fighting off evil. We've successfully put a ninja twist on our popular super hero theme, Super Dan, several times, but I thought it was time for a brand new theme to keep all those little ninja fans happy.

Once the character's name is created, what I usually do is google some basic info about the character type, ie. ninjas. This will then give me some factual ideas and then I start thinking of a location (in this case, the Himalayan mountains), a scenario (Ninja Danka is in training) and a problem, ie. a nasty character interferes and how this blocks the main character's objective- and how it can be overcome. This is where the story leads to the adventure and how the kids' help can solve the problem. 

I throw in lots of other elements in to the storry and adventure to keep the kids interested, involved and excited: suspense, shock, suprise, hilarity and energetic tasks and then, bam, we have a new theme!

If you have a theme that your child is in to that we don't currently have, and I think it can work, as long you're happy to accept that all of our characters are original, then please do drop me an email to and I'll see what I can do!

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