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Covid-19 Roadmap for face-to-face parties 

From March 29th, face- to- face parties will be possible again, yippee! Although there will of course be some limitations.

However, as time moves on, more and more options will be possible.

The government have recently released their ‘Covid Roadmap’ and in line with this we have created a guide for what we can offer you, if all goes to plan…

From March 29th:

In theory, parents and children will be permitted to meet up outdoors for any child related activity, including children’s parties, capped at a total of 15 people, including the entertainer, children and adults. We will, however, strongly advise that parents drop off their children at the party and still abide by the 2 metre social distancing rule with other people who are not from their own household.

From April 12th:

Parent and child groups and children’s indoor activities will be allowed to continue as above but only in Covid-secure, hired venues, not private homes.

From May 17th:

More people will be allowed to gather outdoors, as well as indoors. 30 people in total will be able to meet up outdoors, parent and child groups and children’s indoor activities are again permitted for a maximum of 15 people. This rule again only applies to hired Covid-secure venues, not private homes.

Home gatherings will also be permitted, but limited to 6 people in total, including the entertainer.

However, if there are up to 15 children in the same school bubble, they can be in an indoor home with an entertainer and the party hosts, as long as parents only drop off and pick up from outside. This is because it technically falls under 'extra curicular activities' for children. 

From July 11th: 

All being well, no more Covid-19 restrictions!

Please be aware, however, that we can only perform our parties based on the above conditions and we will also be following our recently updated Health and Safety Policy, which can be read before or upon confirming a booking with us via email.

In the meantime, don’t forget, we’re still performing our hugely successful Online Parties too!