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Drama Workshop Parties

Is your child a budding actor? Are they keen on being centre stage on their special day? Our Drama Workshop Parties could be the ideal solution.

In this two-hour party, we play a few warm up games and exercises and then introduce them to the idea that there are two groups within the story of the play and, depending on the theme, the story revolves around the idea that they are competing against each other to win a prize. For example, for the Popstars theme, it’s to win the Best Kids Pop Group Prize. In turn, the groups pull pranks against each other to achieve their ambition. In the end, they join forces and win the prize as one big ‘supergroup’!

Once the small play has been rehearsed, they perform it for the parents at the end of the party. To accomplish this, we start off running some warm up games, followed by some exercises/games that they use for the final show. They are also given lines to read and scenes to act out. There is a break after 1 hour for 15 minutes for a snack and a drink and then 10 minutes before the end, the parents watch the show! It’s all very fast paced, energised, exciting and a lot of fun. 

We have various themes but we're also happy to use your child's favourite film or book as a basis for the workshop. Recent popular themes include: Alice In Wonderland, Doctor Who, Frozen, Bollywood, Minecraft, Horrible Histories, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

Maximum number of children is 25. Ages 7-11.


What our clients say about us... 


'Hi Danny, they all had a great time doing the Witches Drama Workshop Party and Holly has already asked if you can come back again next year!! The mums I've seen since Saturday have said their girls were full of it when they got home and they all thought it was a really original and fun thing to do!! So all in all a big success! I have to say I admire your energy, enthusiasm and patience! They're a great bunch of girls but quite exhausting at times!! Thanks again for helping to make Holly's birthday a great success. :)'

Sara Robert, Tilperton, Wiltshire


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Some of our favourite themes...


Dance Group Rivals!

Two dance groups compete against each other to win the coveted prize of 'Best Dance Group in the World'. But! They are so competitive, they will try anything to put the other team off, including starting a food fight! 

Witches and Wizards!

The kids imagine what it's like being a witch or wizard and how they would make the perfect potion to save the world! Especially attractive for those obsessed with Harry Potter!

Gangsters and Molls!

Delve in to a world of splat guns, rivalry and super gangs as the kids explore an exciting and hair-raising story. Especially aimed at those who are fans of the cult classic film, Bugsy Malone


A Day at the Zoo!

The zoo keeper invites all the kids to become animals and some of them become zoo keepers too! Lots of fun with animal movements, noises and stretching of the imagination. The parents will see a performance of the kids playing the animals and zoo keepers for them as if they are in a real zoo!


The kids pretend to be a celebrity (footballer, pop singer, sportsperson, actor, etc.) and devise a story about their life in the limelight! Wannabe David Beckham? Beyonce? Cheryl from Girls Aloud? Britney? Tom Cruise? Then here's your chance! 


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