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Nutty's Magic shows!


We now offer magic shows with the choice of our two very own brilliant magicians, Nutty Magic Simon and Nutty Magic Andy!

Our highly interactive magic shows see things go from bad to worse (much to the delight of the children) so much so that they need their help to make the magic work as it all goes so terribly wrong for them! With the children’s help, everything works out (in the end) but the children go away feeling that they did the magic.

The show is very funny and lively from start to finish and by the end all the children want to help!

Money from thin air, here there and everywhere, paintings that colour themselves in by magic, toilet brushes appearing out of nothing, smelly socks out of hats and ultimately, parent's stress removed to the delight of the children.

Each show is tailored per age group and the birthday child is of course, always made a fuss of. 

For ages 4-13

For prices and how to book please email Danny here.